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Our virtual school is a little different from the traditional program offering.  Not only are our Compass families able to learn from anywhere, students also have the opportunity to enjoy academic coaching, project based learning, financial literacy,
and much more!

Isn't it time that you take charge of the learning process?
Traditional schools may not work for everyone. Our virtual school provides an opportunity to take high-quality, standards-aligned courses that are fully accredited and NCAA-eligible no matter where students are in the world. 

Virtual school provides a personalized learning experience that lets students learn in their own way and at their own pace. It's perfect for the student who's eager to get ahead, for struggling students that may have fallen behind, and those that need flexibility!

Our personalized instruction is designed to keep students motivated at all times and meets each student where he or she is!  Video recordings, animations, and interactive activities make the content engaging and take advantage of each student’s learning strengths.  Each lesson includes multiple opportunities for students to explore, apply, practice, and confirm their learning. This active learning approach develops critical thinking skills and deep understanding.


  • Accredited High School Diploma

  • In-Person High School Graduation

  • Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, Technology, Advanced Placement (AP), and Elective Digital Curriculum

  • NCAA Approved Advanced Placement AP and Credit Recovery Courses

  • 1:1 On-Demand 24/7 Academic Tutor Access

  • Weekly  Academic Coach Check-In via Zoom   

  • Transcript Review


  • Accelerated Accumulation of Credits by Working Steadily At Your Own Pace

  • Complete a Semester in 18 Weeks or Sooner if the Student Stays on track

  • NO Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) or End of Course (EOC) Exams

  • FL Students entering the 9th grade can choose from a standard 24-credit program, 18-credit, Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) option, or Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway

  • High School Courses Available for Middle School Students

  • Parent Progress Reports

  • Available in over 30 different languages

  • English Language Learners Have Support Like Printable Transcripts, Text-to-Speech, and Translation to Help You With the Words

  • Annual student transcript

  • Individual Courses Available @ $375 each

  • Open Enrollment-Join Anytime!

  • View Course Options

Non-Refundable Deposit: $250

Monthly Investment: $375 | 10 or 12 Months

Add-On Option:

Umbrella School Services

*Financial Aid Available for Residents of the

US Virgin Islands*

Man with Glasses


Tutoring can help to prepare students to take an important exam, increase student scores on college readiness exams, close learning gaps, and get students prepared for college or a new career.  Our self-paced tutorials allow students to zone in on the concepts they need to learn, not what they already know. Tutoring is a perfect way for students to keep learning during the summer too!

Tutorials include one year of access to practice questions/tests, problem-solving videos, strategy lessons, customized quizzes, detailed answers, and explanations.  


Below are a few of our most popular digital tutorials currently available: 

College Readiness

  • ACT Prep

  • SAT Prep

High School Equivalency

  • GED Prep

View additional tutorial offerings.

Option 1 (Digitial Curriculum Only)

One-time Annual Investment: $275


What type of learner would benefit from this type of instructional program?

Our educational model is designed to benefit and meet the needs of the following students:​

  • Accelerated Students

  • Independent Learners

  • Students that Travel Frequently 

  • Homeschooled students who want the guidance and benefits of  attending a private school

  • Over-aged middle school students

  • Under credit high school students

  • Below grade level students

  • Students wanting to work at an accelerated and challenging pace

  • Students who need flexibility in their course selection and scheduling due to traveling, sports, acting, etc.

  • Students who need personalized academic coaching

  • Students who need to make up credits

  • Students who want to take courses over the summer to get ahead

  • Students who need tutoring as they progress through the curriculum

  • Students who do not want to attend a traditional school due to bullying, etc.

Students who are at risk of dropping out

How many hours will my child have to commit daily to remain on track?  It is recommended that students spend 2-4 hours per day on their coursework. This is at the discretion of the parents.  Families can create a homeschool schedule that fits their lifestyle.  Our goal is to work in partnership with the family. Families should log in to the school's single sign-on portal in order to have attendance recorded.

I live in Florida. Does Compass provide umbrella/600 services to homeschool families?  Yes, we do.  Visit our Umbrella School Services page for more details.


Are additional elective and core courses available to choose from?   Yes.  Additional courses to include world languages, music theory, and more are available. 

I'm new to Homeschooling. What is expected from me as a parent?  Parents are a critical component of our digital learning team.  Parents serve as facilitators, ensuring that the learner is completing assignments in a timely fashion and providing support that the child may need to stay on task.  

Are there any discounts? Compass offers a multi-child discount of 5%.

Do you have additional questions?  Schedule a virtual tour with us today.


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