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Compass Outreach and Education is a Florida registered private school with on-campus and online educational options.  We also serve as an umbrella /600 school to K-12 homeschool families.  

Umbrella School Benefits

  • Parent-driven instruction allows families to dictate the direction of all aspects of their child's homeschooling experience.

  • Once registered as a Compass student, homeschool families do not have to register with their local school board as a homeschool family.

  • The child adopts the legal status of a Florida private school student.  

  • Parents no longer have to submit the annual evaluation or portfolio.

  • Documentation such as an enrollment application, school physical, and vaccination records/exemption form are required.

  • Parents report student attendance to the school for record-keeping quarterly.

  • Bright Futures Eligibility

  • Florida Virtual School Eligibility 

  • Families may opt to participate in our Virtual School program. 

Also Includes: 

  • Recommended curriculum list.

  • Parent Guidance:  Grade Appropriate Student Skills Checklist

  • Letter of Enrollment

  • 1 Official Transcript Per Academic Year (Middle/High School)

  • Grades Submission by the parent to the school for report card generation (End of Year)

  • MAP Growth Assessment (Fall, Winter, Spring)

  • Portfolio Review (End of Year) by FL Certified Teacher


Registration Fee: $75

Annual Fee: $300


School Course Selection Map $75

Bright Futures Guidance Session $35 first hour

NCAA Guidance Session $35 first hour

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