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Host a Workshop With Us!

Unlock Workshop Hosting Opportunities with Compass Outreach and Education Center

At Compass Outreach and Education Center, we're committed to fostering learning and creativity through interactive workshops. While our own schedule may limit our teaching capacity, we recognize the immense talent out there, and that's where you come in!

Share Your Expertise and Craftsmanship

You've dedicated countless hours to perfecting your craft, so why not share your knowledge with others? Sharing your craft allows your audience to experience the artistry behind your work, all while building a sense of community outside your usual workspace.

Streamlined Workshop Hosting at Our Venue

Here's the step-by-step process:

  1. Let's have a conversation to discuss the workshop in detail, from dates to logistics.

  2. Once we've hashed out the specifics, we'll handle the ticket listings on our website. Additionally, we'll leverage the power of our social media presence, primarily on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, we expect you to promote the workshop through your own channels.

  3. Workshops usually last around 2 hours, but the duration can vary. They are open to all age groups or can be tailored exclusively for those 21 and above, with a BYOB option.

  4. Workshop slots are available on weekdays (Tuesday-Friday) and Saturdays.

  5. You'll be responsible for providing all the necessary materials for the workshop.

  6. At the workshop's conclusion, we'll issue you a check representing your share of the ticket sales.

Our fee structure entails a 20% deduction from the total ticket sales retained by Compass Outreach and Education Center.

For additional information and to explore this exciting opportunity further, please feel free to reach out to us through our website's contact form or via email at

Space Availability: Tuesday- Friday ( 5 pm to 9 pm) and Saturdays ( 7 am - 9 pm)

Location: Our Fort Lauderdale Campus

We're thrilled to help you showcase your craft and expertise to a broader audience!

I'm Ready to Host a Workshop!

Thanks for submitting!

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