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We started with the idea of creating a small, safe environment that would not only support student learning, but reignite their desire to learn and become creative thinkers, while allowing students to work at their own pace.

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Compass Outreach and Education Center encourages teachers to break away from the everyday "hum-drum" of teaching. The curriculum does not rely on textbooks; rather, it is driven by projects and learning experiences that help students understand and develop meaningful skills. Teachers are challenged with thinking outside of the box and utilize project-based learning and blended strategies to create lessons and activities for students that will awaken their natural sense of curiosity. 


We started with the idea of creating a small, safe environment that would not only support student learning but reignite their desire to learn and become creative thinkers while allowing students to work at their own pace. Classes are characterized by innovative instruction, with teachers constantly striving to tailor their assessments to suit the developmental needs of each child.  As we worked through the research and planning process, we decided that the best idea would be to combine project-based and blended learning while teaching skills that students can use in their personal lives. 


The platform of the program strives to foster growing independence and accountability. Students are taught to be curious and seek knowledge through the many opportunities that transform them into curious, compassionate, creative, and confident individuals.   The curriculum emphasizes 21st-century skills where collaboration and critical thinking are essential components to the learning process.

The Compass Outreach and Education Center's philosophy for young children to learn through what we call “strategic fun and eclectic learning.” We believe in utilizing a customized curriculum that intertwines four educational concepts, which will support a learning environment based on project-based learning, nature education, and a student-centered approach to learning.

Effectively planning the learning experiences through formal lesson planning allows for "strategic fun and eclectic learning."  Themes within the curriculum include everything from teaching the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery, cultivating a lifelong passion for learning, and exploration fused to serve as the foundation of our academic program. Our "strategic fun and eclectic learning" utilizes music, art, finger play, storytime, discussions, sensory activities, logical thinking, and problem-solving. By combining physical, emotional, language, and social skills through teacher-directed and child-initiated activities, our school provides a well-balanced learning experience minus the "teaching to the test" mundane approach that can actually dimmer a child's innate desire to learn. It's Not About What Teachers Cover; It's About What Students Discover!

Learn more about our Nature Education Activities, Project-Based and Blended Learning Program.

Click here to learn about our Hybrid-Learning options.

Location: Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs (North) Campus

  • Our teachers love children!

  • Small, Safe, Collaborative Learning Environment

  • Outdoor Classroom

  • Hybrid Homeschool Option (Part-Time Schedule)

  • Meaningful Play Experiences

  • Real-Life Skills Applications

  • Personalized Learning and Goals

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • project-based and Blended Learning

  • Movement Encouraged

  • Entrepreneurship and Nature Education

  • Field Trips

  • Periodic Breaks and Movement Encouraged

  • Cultural Awareness Activities

  • Community Service

  • Step Up for Students, PEP, and AAA Scholarships Accepted

  • Summer Camp

School Highlights

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