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Middle  School Hybrid Entrepreneurship Program

Exciting Expansion Alert! Dive into the Future with Compass Outreach and Education Center

🌟 What's New?
We're absolutely thrilled to unveil our expanded on-campus school offerings! Starting from the 2022-2023 school year, we'll be opening our doors to passionate middle school students, offering a dynamic three-day hybrid program within a cutting-edge blended-learning environment.

Our Courses?
Beyond traditional academics, our unique curriculum dives deep into financial literacy and – here's the highlight – a transformative entrepreneurship program!

Schedule?  Classes begin on 9/11/2023.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Location?  Fort Lauderdale Campus

🚀 Why Entrepreneurship, You Ask?
As our world rapidly evolves, we need visionary, innovation-driven entrepreneurs to shape the future. And that’s exactly what we aim to nurture: the next generation of dreamers and doers!

Empower Your Child with Entrepreneurship:
For our 6th to 8th graders, our entrepreneurship curriculum promises:

  • A roadmap to build confidence and navigate their entrepreneurial journey.

  • An engaging space to spark creativity, identify challenges, and craft groundbreaking solutions.

  • Hands-on global projects that offer insights into business viability, market analysis, and beyond.

🎓 Your Child Will Master:

  • Goal-setting and a relentless, positive work ethic.

  • Creative problem-solving and critical thinking prowess.

  • Leadership and public speaking finesse.

  • Stellar customer service insights.

  • Comprehensive financial literacy – from understanding cash flows to mastering money management.

  • Social finesse to thrive in diverse settings and situations.

🔍 Exploring Entrepreneurship, Hands-On:
While entrepreneurship isn't everyone's calling, its foundational concepts like teamwork, creativity, and planning are universal. Through a plethora of events, seminars, and hands-on sessions, students will immerse in the entrepreneurial realm, understanding its essence and application.

💼 Entrepreneurship's Lasting Impact:
The skills imbibed during these formative years are invaluable. To showcase their prowess, our students will be the stars of our Winter and Summer Pop-Up Shop Events – presenting their innovative products and services. And guess what? You and the entire community are our esteemed guests!

📝Entrance Exam

 Middle school students seeking admission for the 2024-2025 academic year must take it. This exam includes multiple-choice questions that cover reading, language arts, and mathematics.

The Entrance Exam plays a crucial role in deciding whether a student will be admitted to the Entrepreneurship program. It evaluates students based on their grade-level proficiency in reading, language, and mathematics, assisting in placing them in suitable English, Math, and Science classes.

Achieving specific scores on the Entrance Exam and other qualifying tests can make a student eligible for honors courses. To thrive in the entrepreneurship program, students must demonstrate grade-level competence through their performance on this exam.

📘 Intrigued?
Click here to explore our full academic course lineup. Or better yet, schedule a virtual tour and experience our vibrant community firsthand!

Join us at Compass Outreach and Education Center, where tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs are nurtured today! 🌐🎓🚀

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