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Middle  School Option

Coming for the 
School Year

In addition to our virtual school option, Compass Outreach and Education Center is pleased to announce that our on-campus school offerings will be expanding to support middle school students for the 2022-2023 school year.  Participants will have the opportunity to participate in either full-time or three-day hybrid programming within a blended-learning environment.  Studies will include project-based learning, financial literacy courses, and an entrepreneurship curriculum.


Why Entrepreneurship?  We realized that as time progresses, our world will be in need of more creative, innovation-ready entrepreneurs. Our school is committed to teaching business to the next generation of big dreamers!


The Entrepreneurship curriculum will provide grades 6-8 students with the skills and confidence to make their way, fosters creativity, and emphasizes the importance of learning how to identify problems, brainstorm ideas, and develop innovative solutions.  Students will work on global projects based on starting a business and learn about viability, evaluating existing businesses, marketing, and more.  

Participants will learn the following:

  • Setting goals and having a robust and positive work ethic.

  • Utilizing creativity, conflict resolution, higher-order, and critical thinking skills to identify and solve a problem.

  • Leadership

  • Public speaking

  • Customer service

  • Financial Literacy: Understand and appreciate where the money comes from, math, money management, and cash flow.

  • Social skills will help them interact successfully regardless of the setting or situation.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship by hands-on creation and implementation. Through various events, seminars, activities, and working sessions, students will understand how to develop their creative entrepreneurial side. We know that entrepreneurship may not be for everyone.  However, our goal is to help students understand the concepts of teamwork, creativity, financial stability, planning, and so on from an early age.   

The benefits of teaching a child entrepreneurship during the formative years are tremendous, with skills that will last a lifetime. The students will host and participate in a Winter and Summer Pop-Up Shop Event to demonstrate skills acquired, designed products and services, and more. These events will be open to the families and community.

​Schedule Options: 

Click here to view our course lineup. Schedule a virtual tour today! 

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